We're hiring!

Intercultura offers:

  • A comfortable and welcoming work environment.

  • Job stability & network of other ESL teachers.

  • ESL training and professional development opportunities.

  • Free private medical insurance.

  • Subsidized work visa.

  • Housing and re-location advising.

  • Competitive salaries.

  • Tax declaration services.

  • Free Spanish &/or Portuguese classes for full time teachers.

Teaching English at our Heredia City Campus:

If you are interested in teaching English at our Heredia Campus, please send us an email at fldirector@interculturacostarica.com  with your CV/résumé, cover letter and references. Our classes run on a trimester system, and we typically have openings for new teachers to begin each year in January, April, July and October. Please contact us several months before the date you are available to start, in order have time to complete the interview and selection process and obtain all necessary work visa documentation. We are a well-respected, medium-sized language school in Costa Rica looking for experienced, self-motivated teachers who are interested in contributing in a meaningful way to the linguistic education of our local Costa Rica population, most of whom seek language skills in order to improve their job opportunities and standard of living, and learn from the cultural interchange provided by our native teachers. Our English and Portuguese program is run at low-cost in order to be accessible to sectors of the population who would not otherwise have the chance to study in high quality, private language schools. As such, we look for teachers who take their profession seriously, are interested in integrating into the school community long-term and are willing to learn the local language and adapt to a new and very different work-culture. This job requires patience, dedication, independence and commitment, and should not be seen just as a vehicle to have fun in Costa Rica for a year, but rather as a chance to develop life-long professional and intercultural competencies.

General Requirements for Teaching Positions (full or part  time):

  • Native-level English speaker

  • University Bachelor's degree

  • CELTA or TEFL certificate

  • Teaching experience & references

  • Professional, proactive attitude with interest in continued professional development

  • Self-motivated teachers able to independently plan & carry our lessons in-person or online

  • Able to work within school’s schedule: Monday to Thursday and Saturdays

  • Demonstrated commitment to excellence in teaching

Preferred Candidates will also have:

  • DELTA or Master’s in Education/ESL.

  • Two to three years teaching experience.

  • Interest in professional development with an aim to train others.

  • Administrative or Management experience.